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Get CASH when you refer your friends!

Refer a Friend - You both get $20*!

One thing about Tax Resource Center customers - they're the kind of individuals who are always ready to help out a friend. And, as mama liked to say, no good deed goes unappreciated!

Our regular customers will still enjoy our old $20 program - But you will now love our new program!

When you refer a friend to Tax Resource Center, you can select to earn rewards that just keep on giving - for up to 12 months!  And, every friend who files with TRC still gets $20 cash.

Introducing our new Pay Your Bills referral program! 

Refer more friends and we Pay Your Bills!

Here's how the new Pay Your Bills Program works

For every new Tax Resource Center customer you refer, you can receive $20 Cash OR accumulate $25 Bonus referral credits to pay one of your bills. One bill every month for up to 12 months1. If you refer one client per week, after three months, you will earn $300 to pay your bills! There are NO LIMIT to referrals and there is no fee to participate!

PLUS Many Referrals Mean Huge Rewards

  • No limit on the number of referral bonus credits you can earn!
  • Light Bill Bonus - During March and April the Tax Resource Center customer with the most referrals gets their light bill paid up to $400 by us.2
  • CASH BONUS - Each year, Tax Resource Center will pay the customer with the most referrals $1,000 in cash and the next four highest referring customers each will get $500 in cash!3

You can start referring your friends today. Your Referral ID is your full name. Have your friend place your name in the Taxpayer Organizer or Taxpayer Information Worksheet they complete and you are on your way to have your bills paid every month.

Get started today by completing the below form and pressing send or have your friend call 1.800.428.7244 with your Referral ID (name).

Complete to register your referral:

Name *
Zip Code
Contacted about Yes I have!
Referral Name *
Zip Code
Please count referral as $20 Cash ->
$25 Credit ->

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Don't Delay! File Today!

* $20 cash to new, referred Tax Resource Center customers only. Terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements apply.  We reserve the right to make payments as cash is readily available. If payment is not immediate you will receive through an alternative method.

1 Bonus Payments are made the month beginning after the qualifying customer makes their first referral and for every month after that up to 10 months in which qualifying referrals are made.  The amount of the bonus referral credit is $25 for qualifying customers who filed with Tax Resource Center.

2 Light Bill Reward will be issued and paid the month following winner announcement, beginning February 25th through April 15th of every year.

3 Active customers with a minimum of 10 referrals who become qualifying customers by December 31, 2012 will be eligible for the Bonus Cash Incentive which will be awarded on or about April 30, 2013. See complete Terms and Conditions for details.

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